What Makes You a Champion

With many high schools across the United States about to begin their playoffs, I thought it fitting to post some quick motivation as you aim to capitalize on all of the hard work you’ve put in over the past year.

At DeMatha, it is always our goal to be playing our best basketball at the end of February. We hold ourselves to a championship standard 365 days a year, so that when the playoffs arrive, we are prepared.

Here's the difference between a champion and a pretender:

• You got up early. He slept in.

• You trained with a purpose. He did a few push-ups.

• You made 500 shots a day. He played H-O-R-S-E.

• You watched your diet. He went to Burger King.

• You worked on your weaknesses. He ignored his.

• You studied film. He watched Family Guy.

• You went to bed early. He stayed up all night.

• You took notes. He just doodled.

• You worked on your game. He worked on his tan.

• You got to practice 30 minutes early. He came 2 minutes late.

• You studied your playbook. He played Xbox.

• You went the extra mile. He took the shortcut.

• You craved the uncomfortable. He enjoyed the warm & fuzzy.

• You put your heart into everything you did. He just did enough to get by.

• You dreamed of success. He feared failure.

• You wanted it. He didn't.

• You won. He lost.

• You are a champion. He is not.

• You left a legacy. He is left with regret.

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