The Stop And Go Dribble

An Overview

The stop-and-go dribble is a variation of the speed dribble (see my tip, The Speed Dribble). It involves advancing the ball at high speed and, then — without warning — quickly coming to a complete "stop." The moment you come to a complete stop, you "go." The idea being that this change in speed will freeze the defender momentarily, freeing up the dribbler for a pass or shot.

is an exercise to help you practice this maneuver. The exercise involves dribbling the length of the court. Decide where on the court you will execute the "stops," for example, on each of the two free-throw lines, on the center line, and on the opposite baseline.

Step 1: From behind the baseline execute a speed dribble. Come to a complete stop on the free-throw line nearest you. If you are dribbling with your right hand as you come to a complete stop, your left foot should be in advance of your right foot. The front foot should be pointing straight ahead. You should have a low center of gravity. Your body weight should be distributed equally on both feet. Your back straight, head erect, and eyes looking straight ahead.

Dribble the ball at knee-level or lower. Because your feet have a considerable stagger (to establish a low center of gravity), dribble the ball just in front and slightly to the side of your right knee, keeping your dribble hand in line with the shoulder. The forefinger of the dribbling hand should be pointing straight ahead. Check-out my tip, Basic Dribbling, to review the technique for dribbling.

Step 2: The moment you come to a complete stop, explode into a speed dribble. "Stop" at the center line, then "go".

Step 3: "Stop" and "go" on the free-throw line.

Step 4: "Stop" on the baseline. Turn toward the other baseline. Using the other hand, repeat Steps 1 thru 4.

Step 5: Practice, practice, practice.

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