The Range Game

Want to add some range to your game? This drill will help you increase your shooting accuracy and help you knock down more outside shots.

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The first step is to find the approximate range where you're comfortable shooting. To do this, position yourself close to the basket, in the paint or right around the rim.

Shoot the ball from this spot, if you make the shot take one step back. If you miss, shoot another shot from the same spot.

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Continue moving farther away from the basket each time you make a shot.

Once you reach a spot on the floor where you miss two consecutive shots, you have found your range. Even if you think you're able to shoot consistently beyond this point, take some time to work on shooting from this distance.

Using proper shooting form and mechanics rotate to different spots on the floor within this same range. Shoot between 50 to 100 shots.

Each time you head to the gym to practice shooting, you can start off with the range game. Try to increase your distance each time.

This game is a fun way to challenge yourself, work on your shooting form, and increase your accuracy and range.

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