The One-and-One Drill

Every basketball player has had the idea drilled into his head that free throws win games.

With the final minutes of a basketball game ticking away, many players find themselves at the free-throw line. Not only are they feeling the pressure, they are fatigued from playing most of the game.

This drill is great for an individual to practice free throws, simulate game situations, and add in some fun competition.


Position yourself at the free-throw line. Imagine your team is down by two points and time has expired off the game clock.

You are shooting in a bonus situation (the opposing team has seven or more fouls and if you make the first shot you get another attempt.)

Shoot your first free throw. If you make it you get to shoot another one. If you miss the game is over and you have to run a line (from baseline to baseline.)

When you run, make sure you are challenging yourself and sprinting as if you need to get back on defense to stop the opposing team's fast break. This will help your conditioning more than running at an easy pace.

If you make the shot, you get to shoot another free throw, and if you make the second shot your team wins the game, but if you miss the score is tied and your team ends up losing in overtime. (You don't want to let your team down with the game on the line right?) Keep track of your wins and losses.

Continue this drill for a total of 10 rounds.

If you're accurate from the free-throw line, you wont have to do a lot of running.

Even if you have to run a lot of sprints, you will get some conditioning in and the added benefit of practicing shooting free throws while winded.

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