Stretching 101: Calf Muscles

Your calf muscles are crucial to the game of basketball, and you need to know how to stretch them out well and get them ready for practice or a game.

Here are a couple of ways to get your lower legs stretched out and ready to go:

• Stand about 3 feet away from a wall or pole and place hands against the object. Extend right leg back 1-2 feet and push your heel to the ground. This will put a firm stretch on the right calve. Do 2-3 times. Switch legs and repeat.

• Stand on a stair or elevated area and hang the heels over the edge. Let weight go onto heels so they drop below the lip. Go slowly as this will really stretch out the calf muscle.

• An appropriate muscle to stretch in accordance with the calve stretches is the achilles tendon. Leaning against a wall, put your toes against the vertical part of a wall corner. With your heel touching the flat ground, gently push your foot into the corner. Your toes should flatten against the wall and bend at the knuckle area. You should feel a stretch at the base of your calves. This is the achilles tendon.

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