Spalding Beast Contest Winner Announced

Faith Blethen plays basketball on a hoop attached to a tree in Boothbay, Maine.

Sounds like a clever idea, but think about it. Trees grow. Before she knows it, 10-year-old Faith could be shooting baskets on a hoop 11 feet tall instead of the standard 10 feet.

Thanks to Faith's entry in the Spalding Beast Contest on iHoops, that's no longer an issue. Faith is the big winner, and will be receiving a prize package worth $1,300. That includes a new Spalding Beast basketball goal--no tree needed.

The contest--which required submission of a photo with a Spalding product in it--was free and open to any iHoops user. Faith took a picture of her shooting a Spalding ball toward her old goal on the tree.

Faith, 10, is part of a basketball family. Her parents volunteer at the local YMCA with youth basketball, and their basketball goal attached to the tree gets a lot of work with the whole family playing often.

But with a new Spalding Beast goal on the way, that old goal on the old tree is finally going to get a rest.

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