NCAA Board Tweaks Men's Basketball Recruiting

In an effort to reduce the influence of third parties in the recruiting process, the NCAA Division I board of directors adopted a new recruiting model for men's basketball this week.

Starting on June 15th after an athlete's sophomore year of high school, coaches will be allowed to send unlimited phone calls and text messages to recruits. This includes private messages on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, though public messages are prohiited because of rules preventing schools from publicizing recruiting efforts.

The board feels that this change in rules will result in a more developed relationship between coaches and recruits, which will lessen the impact that third parties may have in the decision-making.

"This model recognizes that men's basketball recruits are vulnerable to mixed messages concerning athletic skills and education at an early age and that college coaches offer the best hope to promote higher education," said NCAA Leadership Council Chair Mike Alden, also the athletic director at Missouri. "It also attempts to provide for a natural progression of communication, contact and paid visits for coaches to establish relationships with prospective student-athletes and their families."

The other major change adopted was an alteration of the recruiting calendar. Instead of the recruiting schedule being heavily reliant on July dates, two weekends have been restored for recruiting in April, while July is limited to just 12 days of recruiting (instead of the usual 22 days currently).

The rules will go into effect in 2012. The deregulation of contact between coaches and recruits will begin June 15, 2012. The new recruiting calendar will start in April 2012.

For more information, including other changes implemented, view the NCAA press release.

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