Four-On-Three Fastbreak Drill

Start the drill with seven players on the floor: three players on defense on the far side of the floor, and four players in the near court, one with the ball in his hands.

The four players run a break, classic style, one in the middle, two wingmen, one player—preferably the power forward—trailing the play. It is key to stress to the three defenders that communication is key in this type of situation, where their rotation on defense will make the difference whether they will be successful in stopping the ball.

The three pass rule should be put into effect again, so as not to encourage laziness on the offensive side. After a shot goes up, the player who shot the ball, and the player who made the last pass run back on defense, and the three players who were just on defense are now running a three on two fastbreak the other way.

If done correctly, this drill is a fast, exciting way for players to understand their roles—both offensively and defensively—in transition situation. It is also a great drill to do for conditioning purposes, as the players are constantly in a state of transition.

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