Coach's Guide: Introduction

Dear Coach,

Let us make this very clear right from the start. Most people -- especially parents -- vastly underrate the effect that coaches have on young players.

As a coach, you need to be keenly aware of the impact you will have on your players -- not just in their basketball careers, but in life long after their organized playing days are over.

Coaching is a tremendous challenge, but it’s also very rewarding. When you see a player sacrificing personal accomplishments for the good of the team and giving the best effort they can with a smile on their face, you will know that your leadership had a positive effect not just on the court, but off of the court as well.

Always be prepared. There is a fine line between pushing your players too hard and teaching them how to win. Learn the right buttons to press and when to press them. Basketball should be fun, but it also takes hard work and proper preparation to be successful. It’s your job to create the right focus for your players.

The information in this Coach’s Guide is designed to help you with all aspects of coaching -- from dealing with parents to teaching the fundamentals of the game. Use the Coach’s Guide as a road map in creating a positive and rewarding experience for your players. If you do, they will never forget you.

And remember, keep them smiling and working hard!


Glenn “Doc” Rivers

Head Coach, Boston Celtics, NBA

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