Chris Paul's Ball-Handling Tips

Chris Paul is considered by many to be the top point guard in the NBA. And now, he's ready to share his secrets with you.

In this video series with ESPN RISE, Paul shares his secrets to handling the basketball better than most, including different drills, tricks and strategies that point guards can use to improve their game.

The six videos are listed below. But here is one example, where Paul offers tips for point guards working in a half-court offense:

The 6-Part Series

Here is a full list of videos:

The Importance of Good Ball Handling -- Paul goes through different game scenarios where superior ball-handling skills is a huge asset.

How CP3 Works His Non-Dominant Hand -- In order to be ambidextrous, Paul shows how he works on mastering his left hand to go along with his right.

Chris Paul's Strategy for Breaking the Press -- Paul demonstrates a good strategy that helps him break a double-team trap and create an advantage.

A Demonstration of the Eurostep -- Paul shows how a drive to the basket can be freed up by a "Eurostep" mastered by players like Dwyane Wade.

Why CP3 Dribbles With Force -- Whenever Paul dribbles a ball, he does it hard and aggressively. Here's why.

Showing Off His Skills -- Paul shows what all the hard work on his ball handling has done with a demonstration of his skills.

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