Basketball Drills: Beat the Pro

Every young athlete dreams of going 1-on-1 against the elite basketball players.

Maybe you want to isolate Michael Jordan on the wing and see if you can take him. Or hit a turn-around jumper over Kobe Bryant at the high post.

While most people may not get the opportunity to go one-one-one with an NBA great, this drill will get you in that mindset and help you work on your moves off the dribble.

You can do this drill by yourself to help you become a bigger offensive threat.

The Beat the Pro Game

After you've picked your favorite pro baller you're going to tap into your arsenal of drives, step backs and pull-up jumpers.

Visualize your opponent guarding you and simulate game situations to shake off a defender.

Remember, the more intensity you use in practice and during drills, the more you will improve.

  • Every time you score a basket give yourself a point.
  • Every time you miss, your opponent gets two points.
  • Continue in this fashion until you or your imaginary opponent scores 10 points.
  • Play a best-of-three series.

This game lets you have fun and be competitive even though you're practicing by yourself, and since every miss gives your opponent two points it helps you work on your shot selection and accuracy.

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