An Easy Way Improve Transition Offense

To be successful at any level, players need to manage transitions in a game. The team that can convert a steal to a basket, or get a rebound and push it up the floor for an open shot, has a good chance of being successful.

One of the keys to great transition offense is to pass the ball and limit dribbling. Most coaches understand this, but the trick is to convince players of this as well.

Check out this very easy tip that we picked up from Rich Stoner of Metuchen High School to sell your players on passing the ball to improve your transition offense.

Here it is in Coach Stoner's words in regards to transition offense:

"I try to stress not dribbling in practice. If we're dribbling too much, I'll take a player and I'll stand on one baseline. I'll take another player and put him on the other endline. I'll ask, 'Who's the fastest guy in the gym?' Everyone will be like, 'Oh, it's this guy here.'

"I give a basketball to the fastest player and I get a basketball. I get in a stance like I'm ready to dribble down the court. I'll tell the fastest player, 'I'll bet I can get this basketball down the floor quicker than you can.' He will say, 'Oh yeah, right Coach.' I then say, 'Ready? When I say go we'll see who get can the ball to the end line first.'

"I yell 'Go!' and the fast player takes off on the dribble. Instead of dribbling the basketball, I fire a baseball pass down the court to the player standing down at the other baseline. The players complain that it wasn't fair, but the point is made. You've got to pass the ball up the floor, not dribble the ball up the floor. It's just a quicker way of doing it."

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