6 Tips for Planning a Good Practice

Everyone knows that practice makes perfect; but not every practice is created equal.

Here are some tips from Coach McKenzie of Texas Tech to ensure that your basketball practice is effective and powerful so that your team can reach its maximum potential.

Use these quick tips to make your practices are timely, effective and touch on all the needed aspects of the game.

Planning a Practice

  • Have a written workout schedule with a specific amount of time allotted for each drill or offensive/defensive segment
  • Be sure to incorporate fundamentals into each practice (you can vary the drills but work on the some of the following fundamentals during each practice -- passing, dribbling, shooting, ball handling, defense, and rebounding. Don't spend all of your workout time working on 5 on 5.
  • Work on shooting everyday. Practice shooting the basketball when your players are tired (a good time is at the end of practice or before a break). Practice game shots and free throws.
  • Make practice as much like game situations as possible.
  • Include conditioning in your practice schedules.
  • Work hard, be enthusiastic! Have fun!

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