4 Dribbling Drills That Will Change Your Game

Whether you're a guard or a post player, there's a good chance your ball handling may need some work.

You might look down at the ball when you dribble, struggle to make combo moves, or turn the ball over frequently. Each player struggles with something different. Luckily, there are different types of drills to fix each type of problem.

These four drills will boost your ball-handling skills and change your game. But if you want to see results, you have to put in the work.

One-Ball Dribbling Drills

These drills will help you work on selling your off-the-dribble moves. No matter what type of change-of-direction move you use, visualize a defender in front of you and work on selling the move. You do this with your eyes, body position and your pace. Keep your eyes up so you can see the floor. Great ball handlers are able to make their move, see the floor, and be aware of their teammates.

In-the-Box Basketball Dribbling Drill

  • Work on selling moves
  • Develop hand quickness

Two-Ball Basketball Drills

Two-ball drills allow you to work on dribbling with your dominant- and non-dominant hand at the same time. Make sure to practice these drills at full speed and push yourself to get better.

Follow the Leader

  • Maximize you time by working on both hands at the same time
  • Develop your non-dominant hand

Tennis Ball Dribbling Drills

Tennis ball drills are great for ball handlers that struggle to keep their eyes up while dribbling. Tossing and catching the tennis ball forces the player to keep his eyes up instead of staring at the ball.

These drills will help you develop hand quickness and hand-eye-coordination.

Tennis Ball Toss Crossover Drill

  • Work on dribbling with eyes up
  • Develop hand quickness and hand-eye-coordination

Wall Basketball Dribbling Drills

Wall drills develop hand strength and ball control. This will translate into more confidence with the ball and better moves against a defender. Make sure you are dribbling the ball hard during each drill.

Pound Dribbling Drill

  • Builds hand strength
  • Develops ball control

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