3 Ways to Create Space off the Dribble

Want to be on SportsCenter? Throw down a windmill dunk over your defender's head. Believe me, I love a thunderous dunk as much as the next person, but because dunking is highlighted so often on TV, the emphasis on the mid-range game has declined. And that’s a shame, because the ability to create space off the dribble opens up so many options for you and your teammates.

While there is an infinite number of ways to create space, I’m going to highlight some of the keys that will give you the best chance to get enough room to get your shot off.

Step One

Step one is to simply go fast north and south. Your goal is to go right towards the basket and make the defender believe that you’re driving in for a lay-up. A hard, quick move to the basket will cause the defender to turn his hips to sprint in an attempt to cut you off. Meanwhile, you quickly stop and pop as he flies by. This move is simple but very effective.

Step Two

Begin the same way you do in step one, but then make a quick dribble move such as going between your legs or behind the back. Note: You won’t be able to get to step two if you don’t perform step one at full speed.

Step Three

Perform steps one and two, and as the defender works to recover to contest your shot, take a hard look at the basket. You want to make your opponent think you’re going to shoot, then quickly change directions, go around the defender, and hit a pull-up jumper.

Once again, you’ll never get to step three unless you perform step one at full speed. You must make a hard move to put your defender on his heels. Once he’s off balance, you’ve got him beat.

This video will show you what these moves look like when you put all the steps together.

If you can create space off the dribble, you will score more points and be much more effective on offense. These moves work really well, but they require a lot of repetition and practice.

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