Stride Foot Mechanics Drill

Much of a pitcher's strength and accuracy comes from their legs. Here is a drill to help young hurlers keep their stride foot in line, and pitches on target.

Purpose of the Drill

This drill teaches the pitchers to land on the instep of their stride foot. This important action forces the hips closed and produces pitchers with exceptional control, great power and health arms.

How the Drill Works

The pitcher places their posting foot on top of an elevated object (a 4X4, a step, a rock, etc.) From this position, the pitcher strides forward. As soon as the stride foot hits the ground, the pitcher bounces back to tap their stride foot on the object supporting their posting foot. The pitcher repeats the stride/tap motion as many times in 20 seconds as possible.

What You Should Get From the Drill

In order to quickly bounce back to tap their stride foot under their posting foot, the pitcher is required to land on their toes and instep. With daily practice, this action becomes automatic, becomes natural for the pitcher. This mechanic gives the pitcher the pitching power and control needed to excel on the mound.

Coach's Checkpoint

When the pitcher's stride foot lands, the pitcher's stride knee is slightly bent and ahead of an imaginary line drawn from the stride ankle to the stride hip.

Added Value: More advanced pitchers stride on an imaginary line from the posting foot to the target.

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