Multi-Phase Baseball Practice Drill

Feel like your squad could improve in all areas of the game? Looking for a series of drills that can boost your hitting, fielding, and decision-making abilities?

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Here is a unique multi-phase drill you can add to your practice schedule and can help sharpen your team all season long.

First Round

1. Begin round with runner on first base.

2. Have defensive players at each position.

3. Runner on first base will take his best lead.

4. Pitcher will stretch and play on runner at first base one time, then he will throw to the first hitter.

5. The first hitter will bunt one, (the runner on first base will advance to second base on the bunt and then will go to defensive position or end of hitting line). On hit two, the batter will run the second hit out and stay there. (The pitcher will play on the runner one time and throw to the second hitter in round one.) This procedure should be followed through all of the hitters.

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Second Round

1. Begin round one with runner on second base.

2. Pitcher will play on runner one time, using middle infielders.

3. Hitter will bunt two, (sacrifice runner to 3rd and then squeeze the runner home). Hit two, run the second hit out to second base and stay there. Continue this procedure through all hitters in second round.

Third Round

1. Begin round with runner on first base.

2. The runner on first base breaks on the first pitch to the hitter and goes all the way to third base.

3. The hitters try to take the first pitch to right field. If they execute the hit-and-run successfully, they should be rewarded with an extra hit. After they hit two or three, they run out the last hit and stay and first base.

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