Leads and Breaks

If you coach at a division in which players lead off, this drill can be helpful.

Align all players on the first base foul line, in the outfield. The line becomes the base. A coach acts as the pitcher, somewhere near the infield dirt, near where the second baseman would play. All players should have a good view. The coach should alternate between rightie, leftie, stretch,windup, stepping off the rubber, and picks. Players are given a scenario before every pitch (on first base straight steal, on first base hit and run, on second base two out lead, delay steal, etc.). Players assume the correct position, take a proper lead, and react according to the play called and the movement of the pitcher. Other coaches should be positioned to watch players and make corrections.

Spend 5-10 minutes of every practice on this. We also spent at least 5 minutes before every game on this drill.

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