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Out of the batters Box:

1) Always run hard - your goal is to advance for extra bases on balls hit into the outfield. On balls hit in the infield, we hope to beat the throw to 1st base, but we will at least apply a little pressure on the defense. You are expected to run out all pop ups and fly balls. If there is any doubt as to whether a batted ball is fair, run hard and let the umpires decide.

2) Never lunge at the bag - just run through 1st base, that is why the rules allow you to overrun that base. Occasionally a slide is appropriate at 1st base, but usually only to avoid a first baseman's tag.

3) Always find your batted ball - about 3 steps out the batters box, find the ball (keep running) so you will have the information you need to approach 1st base.

4) Never step on home plate when bunting - the rules say you are out if you do so.

5) Always make an aggressive turn at 1st base - If you can make the outfielders believe you are going to second base when you turn at 1st base, you have done your job. If the outfielders aren't even aware that there is a runner, you have given up a chance to put pressure on the defense. To avoid turning wide, learn to swing out into foul ground and dip your inside shoulder as you turn for 2nd base.

6) Never become a spectator - If you single in a runner from second base, chances are there will be a throw to the plate. If the ball clears the cutoff man, you should be on second base. You must anticipate this throw, find the cutoff man, determine the height of the ball, and aggressively take second base when it is available. Lots of things happen in high school games when a ball is batted. We must always be ready to take the extra base if the situation allows for it. There is a difference between aggressive and foolish.

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