Change-Up Variation #2

Side and Front View of Change-up #2

Change-Up Grip #2 Here is another variation of the change-up grip. This is two of three. The first of the three is what I normally teach my pitchers. However having this and the third as a backup to each other is critical. Some kids find it easier to throw a deviation of the others because it's easier to handle or what have you.

This grip is similar to the 2-Seam fastball. There are however, two differences in grip. First off, you must push the ball all the way back into your palm. Secondly, you must not put any pressure on the pads or tips of your index and middle finger.

The motion of the arm while throwing and releasing tends to be the same as explained in the first change up talked about in the Pitching Clinic. Take a look at the picture to gain a better understanding of what this should look like.

Make sure that the athlete does not grip the ball with his middle and index finger pads as they release it. The ball must roll of those fingers.

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