Friday, December 9, 2016 - Sunday, December 11, 2016
College Park East Athletic Club 2223 Half Day Rd BannockburnIL  60015
Friday, December 9, 2016 - Sunday, December 11, 2016
College Park East Athletic Club 2223 Half Day Rd BannockburnIL  60015

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Division: G(12-14 (78'Court/Yellow Ball) )s,FMLC

Notes:PLEASE READ THIS HOMEPAGE before signing up for this tournament since every question you may have is answered here


Please do not "Wait" for other players to sign up. If you are free on this weekend and this tournament sounds good to you, please sign up. Other players will see that you signed up and they will sign up too and the tournament gets going. If you are all "waiting" nothing is going to change.

* This is a Level 5 Challenger tournament that is open to both Unranked and Ranked players with points earned for each round won.
* Trophies given to Main Draw Champion, Finalist and Consolation Champion.
* All Main Draw and Consolation matches will play two 2/3 sets with a Matchtiebreak for the third set.
* First Match Losers Consolation (FMLC), where each player is guaranteed at least two matches. Our consolation will finish all the way through to a Consolation Champion and each player is expected to play.
* College Park will always schedule USTA Officials for all our events. In the case where a USTA Official is not available (rare ), we will schedule additional experienced College Park Staff to be on court for any issues that may arise.
* All participating players will receive a coupon for 15% off apparel, shoes, bags and accessories to be used in our Pro Shop. College Park East has a very extensive pro shop , one of the best in the Chicago area with over 800 pairs of shoes in stock and several apparel brands carried like Nike & Asics.
* Draws are limited to 16 players for each draw except for BG10's where each draw is limited to 8 players.
* Please plan on arriving for your match at least 30 minutes before your scheduled match time. There is lots of traffic in our area, especially on Friday evening. If you will be late, please call and ask for the tournament desk. The USTA point penalty system will be in effect. Lateness up to five minutes- Lose one game and loss of toss, lateness up to ten minutes- Lose two games and loss of toss, lateness up to fifteen minutes- Lose three games and loss of toss and lateness after fifteen minutes- Loss of match.
* All matches will be held on 9 indoor "heated/air conditioned" hard courts with unobstructed viewing on each court.
* Please email Patty Lambropoulos after you have read this homepage with any questions,

Draws will be posted by Wednesday at 6pm. Please check your start time as well as weekend schedule by viewing the draws.

Tentative schedule is as follows: Friday 5pm & Saturday/Sunday as early as 1030am but usually 3pm. We may need to adjust these times (earlier/later) based on the number of entries. If you have a conflict please do not sign up for our tournament. We will not be able to accommodate any special scheduling. We also have no idea how many players will actually sign up or what time what age divisions are playing until after the deadline and selections, seeds and draws have been made, BYES placed, etc. Please do not email and ask what time a specific age group plays. If you are not available within the tentative time frame above (give & take a few hours), please do not sign up. Most players sign up the very last day hours before the deadline, so we cannot make any scheduling decisions, till after the deadline. We will post this online as soon as we post start times.

Draws are limited to 16 per age division except in BG10's where we are limited to 8 per draw. This eliminates most BYES in the draw where players are "waiting" to play or not play based on a match result. If we have more than 16 players, the top ranked players will be selected from the most current Midwest Standings List in the age division of the event, as well as comparing the younger age division ranked players. We encourage all ranked and unranked players to sign up. Most times many players accepted are unranked.

When using the shortened match format and playing a MatchTiebreak (Supertiebreak) in lieu of the third set, a player is allowed a 3 minute rest after the second set and before the MatchTiebreak where coaching is allowed.

If you need to withdraw while registration is still open, please go to our homepage and in the right margin, click on “Edit Registration" and proceed to withdraw. No reason is necessary. If registration has closed and tournament has not begun yet, please email and list the reason for withdraw. If the tournament has begun, please call the club and ask for tournament desk. REMEMBER when withdrawing from a USTA event once the selections have been made, the only reasons that are accepted by the USTA Referee without incurring FIVE (5) suspension points are injury, illness or family emergency. Having a soccer game, a family dinner, or not feeling like playing the consolation are not accepted reasons.

The USTA/Midwest Section Suspension Point System is in effect. You are expected to play the entire event as scheduled. All players will be given FIVE (5) suspension points for entering two or more tournaments that take place at the same time, in whole or in part, unless each Tournament Director involved agrees with the multiple entries in writing via email. This applies to all players who signed up for the tournament including alternates.

Procedure for tournament registration: because of Privacy Laws, your contact information from USTA membership doesn't show up in the Tournament Directors' software anymore. Only what you indicate during the registration process shows up. We have no way of contacting you if you leave these areas blank. For instance, if your opponent is sick and you didn't enter a cell # or email address, we will not be able to contact you. You must indicate all phone numbers, home, cell (a must!), work and your email address on each registration, EACH and EVERY time, for each and every tournament you register for.

The number of players seeded shall equal a power of two (for example 2,4,8,16,32). The maximum ratio of players seeded shall be one in three, except that any draw may have two seeds. No more seeded players at #'s 5,6,7,9,10,11,12,13,14,15, etc. For reference Friends of Court 2016, Page 73, FAC Comment II.A-1

No refunds are given once selections are made which is immediately after the deadline.

After you have read this homepage and still have questions, please contact Patty Lambropoulos at or call (847)948-5330 X3209. Email preferred with the quickest reply. Happy to answer any of your questions. USTA - Girls' 12 Singles; Girls' 14 Singles

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College Park East Athletic Club 2223 Half Day Rd BannockburnIL  60015
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