James Smith

Active.com Contributing Writer

Jamie Smith is a bike race announcer, author, speaker and Category II bike racer. 

A graduate of Central Michigan University’s Broadcast and Cinematic Arts program, he has become adept at describing cycling’s most complex intricacies to normal people. He enjoys the role of translating the complexities of bike racing for befuddled bike racers who mistakenly chase down their own teammates, miss the winning breakaway and consistently finish one place out of the money. 

He is the author of Roadie - The Misunderstood World of a Bike Racer (VeloPress 2008), and Reading the Race (VeloPress 2013). He got his start as an announcer in 1985 when the real announcer failed to show up for a race. Since then, he has announced races in 38 states. If you’ve ever stood on the roadside at any of America’s Grand Tours ( i.e. the Amgen Tour of California, USA Pro Challenge, etc.), you’ve heard him. He is the “Voice of the Road” in the Mobile P.A. vehicle at all of the big events in the U.S.

When he’s not racing or training on the bike, he can be found golfing, surfing, nordic skiing, rowing, SUPing or playing tennis. He's as member of the Detroit-based Wolverine Sports Club which has produced many of America’s great cyclists. He only wishes he was one of them.