Great East Midlands Bike Challenge

Sunday, May 18, 2014
Hicks lodge willesley woodside moira ashby de la zouchleicestershireUnited Kingdom  le65 2up
Sunday, May 18, 2014
Hicks lodge willesley woodside moira ashby de la zouchleicestershireUnited Kingdom  le65 2up

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 Great East Midlands Bike Challenge (GEMBC)

Description of the 4 routes for this first ever challenge, please be aware this will be a learning curve for future events. The 3 smaller routes involve very little road in fact there is less than 1 mile on the 20 mile option.
To make sure everyone whichever route they are registered to complete starts together and finishes at the same finish line, this will allow everyone to gain a feel good factor. 
Route 1 Mile
This route allows riders of all abilities to ride the circuit at Hicks Lodge around the lake, so whether you are a rider or not this option allows you to be part of the event and rider with your family if you wish.
Route 6 Miles
Again starting at the same point as all the routes you will complete the 1 mile circuit and at the point the 1 mile point breaks off towards the finish line (behind Hicks Lodge Cafe) you will ride onto the centres Family Route (Green/Yellow) you can take the option of completing the Blue route if you choose, remember this will have various small technical requirements and is a single track, the idea is not to restrict riders so they can choose any route.
Marshalls on this route may be limited because the longer routes require much more safety on road sections, please enjoy the route and use the course that suits your abilities.
Route 20 Miles
This route starts by completing part of the 1 & 6 mile circuit of the lake, but approximately half way round breaks off towards the Donisthorpe entrance, on leaving the centre riders will cross the road (Marshalled) into Oakthorpe memorial entrance, going through the reserve out of the other side taking the track towards the village of Oakthorpe, crossing the road and moving into the village riders will turn right at the T junction (Marshalled) and travel approximately 100 metres until they reach a fork in the road (Marshalled) where you will be directed onto a track, this will be a single track for a short distance before climbing a grass field if muddy this will cause riders that are challenged some discomfort don’t worry if you get off and walk you will soon be on a former railway track.
Be careful of the descent onto the railway track this may be easier to dismount if you are not sure especially if it is wet. 
Join the railway track and continue back towards Donisthorpe crossing the road (Marshalled) into the Conkers circuit, continue to the next left hand turning and follow this, you will pass by a car park but eventually come to a cross track where you will take the left track and continue along this until you reach a road crossing (Marshalled) you will continue along the track but note there is a football pitch on the right, just after this you will need to break off the nicely laid track onto a single rocky path, follow this to the bottom continue straight up the hill in front of you, you are actually completing a circuit and you will be coming back to this crossing before you rejoin the nicely laid track you originally came off.
Continue until you reach a road crossing (Marshalled) after climbing a small hill , crossing this road you will enter a woodland track which will take you down and then up the other side of the wood, you will leave the wood onto an hard core double track with view to the left and woodland to the right of you, on reaching a track crossing turn right (do no continue straight on the will take you a long way off you route and his much to technical for the people completing the 20 mile route.
After turning right which we are hopefully going to marshal to stop people from going straight on you will be going along a track that has various surfaces, the track will open out and there will be industrial units on the left at this point you will see a track off to the right which is your route.
If this track is wet prepare yourself to get very wet and muddy on the descent “enjoy”, the track eventually drops back onto the conkers circuit. Turn left onto the conkers circuit and follow the track, at a track T junction turn the left route, and continue after a short distance the track splits again take the right track (it has a boulder in the middle), follow this until you come towards a football field, turn right at this point this will bring you to a road crossing (Marshalled) , go straight over and you will see an entrance into Albert Village Lake, you will follow the track to the right around the lake , after going passed a bird watch hide (left) there will be an incline to your right you need to go up follow this track to its end before joining a newly laid cycle track next to a road, drop down the hill to cross a road (Marshalled) before climbing a small hill this brings you out at the top of the main entrance into Conkers, cross straight over joining a single track which by following will bring you down back onto the conkers circuit.
Be careful of walker because you will be going through a tunnel which is narrow because of the Conkers narrow gauge railway taking up most of the tunnel area.
You will emerge into a car par with the canal basin on your left, you are now going to follow this canal all the way back to Donisthorpe, you will emerge into a car park with a cemetery on your right, at this point you will leave this area and join a the road to climb through Donisthorpe back up to the Hicks Lodge entrance.
Follow the track you originally came out on until you reach the lake circuit where you will continue left around the lake. 
All riders (50 & 20 milers) will continue and complete 1 lap of the Blue course before going through the finish line, the 50 mile route will have a ride through area. 
Take on board refreshments.

Route 50 Miles
Simple first complete the 20 mile route and then move onto the 30 mile section. I need to make riders aware that to get to the challenge areas there is a road sections to be completed, please take care and be courteous to other road users. Your safety needs to come first, in future events we will try to incorporate more off road sections for you so please bare with us and be safe.
Using road from Hicks through Moira, Blackfordby and the outskirts of Woodville, you will then get of a taste of what is to come, the road sections do have a few little hills on them (just to get you warmed up).
After about 5 miles you will be please to find yourself on tracks “At last” I here you say, bare with me your going to enjoy the next sections , you will climb descend eventually ending up in a village called Milton, where there will be a refreshment stop “In a pub” called the Swan.
When you leave here you will climb through some fantastic scenery and riding areas riding towards Robin Wood, The climb to the side of Robin Wood is a good one so be ready, you will then make your way on tracks towards Melbourne where you will join a road for about 200 metres before turning right onto a track that will take you up to the Staunton Harold Reservoir, refreshments are available here for you, you will then follow the track by the reservoir until you get to Ticknall, you will go into Ticknall on road in order to join the newly laid cycle track at Chalk Abbey, you will follow this until you reach a point on a road called Old Piston Hills.
Please be careful on this climb and keep to single file riding we will have as many warning signs out and marshals as possible for all road sections. Having climbed this hill you will be heading back along the road you started out on towards Hicks Lodge, if another option for the return becomes available I will update the gpx files accordingly, these will be available a few weeks before the start of the event if anyone would like them.
Once you get back to Hicks you will again have to complete another lap of the Blue course before finishing at the finish lane next to Hicks Lodge.

This is not a race, everyone is expected to keep to the routes they have chosen, remember you only let yourself down by not completing the course properly.
Help us build this event to something everyone wants to be part of in the future and raise money for whatever charity you wish. The registrations money raised will be going towards the Riding for the Disable for 2014. 

Event schedule and times

start time is 8am and then staggered a time will be a time slot will be allocated dependant on bib numbers 


registration will be available from 7am

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Hicks lodge willesley woodside moira ashby de la zouchleicestershireUnited Kingdom  le65 2up
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