Wobbly shoes may make pronation or supination problems worse

Place your running shoes on a flat surface. Do the shoes remain flat or do they wobble? Do they wobble if you push down on the right or left side of the shoe? You want your shoes to hold your feet in a stable position as you run. If they wobble, the shoes have changed shape and more likely will contribute to any pronation or supination problems that you already have.

Cut fat grams
Reduced-calorie margarine can help you cut fat grams. Regular margarine or butter has 12 grams of fat per tablespoon. The reduced-calorie spreads have only 6 grams.

Hills and speedwork on a treadmill
To develop leg power on a treadmill, adjust the elevation mechanism to simulate a hill. Or do short, flat speedwork. Just run surges of 5 to 20 seconds very fast, with long intervals of rest in between.

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