Weight-lifting can boost your metabolism

To boost the amount of calories you burn after your run, throw in some weight lifting. In a study from Colorado State University, researchers measured the rise in metabolic rate after aerobic exercise and after a weight-lifting workout. Calorie burning returned to normal within an hour after aerobic exercise. Weight-lifting, on the other hand, boosted metabolism for 15 hours.

Nutrition: Casserole comeback
New casserole recipes based around grains, beans, and vegetables combine a number of healthy foods in one easy-to-fix dish. Casseroles may have other benefits; some foods release more of their protective substances when they are cooked. Cooking increases the bioavailability of the lycopene in tomatoes; light steaming does the same for the phytochemicals in broccoli.

Heart disease the No. 1 killer of women
Heart disease kills more than twice as many women each year than breast and lung cancer combined. According to a study done by the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute, lack of physical activity causes about one-third of the cases of heart disease in women. The best approach to heart disease is to prevent it with plenty of exercise, as well as a diet based around vegetables, whole grains, fruits, fish and poultry.

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