Tricks for the sand trap

Dont turn your handlebar when youre trying to change direction in heavy sand. This plows dirt forward, creating resistance to the turning motion. Instead, lean the bike into the direction of the turn more than you lean your body. You can practice this by riding on top of a curb. Turning the bars will dump you off the curb.

Gravel can help you control your speed. It can also spill you off the bike. The trick is how you enter it, and whether you see it before you enter it. Riding gravel is a bit like riding sand, and a bit like riding in rockier stuff. Hard pedaling will get you traction.

Train one day at a time
I try to spin every day. But I also do wheelies and tricks and jumps and ride down hills. Ive gotten less serious about training as Ive gotten older. It doesnt take me too long to get into shape. A lot of racers have a big plan and schedule of what theyll do. My main goal is to try to get a little stronger and a little fitter every day. Greg Herbold

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