Tips for preventing shoulder pain while running

Discomfort develops when you let your shoulders creep up toward your ears. To keep your shoulders down, drop your arms and let them hang loosely at your sides for a few strides every few miles. This breaks the repetition and loosens your upper body and neck.

Put a veggie on the barbie
Marinate portabello mushrooms in balsamic vinegar and olive oil for 30 minutes before grilling. Containing mostly water, with some potassium, folate, phosphorus and selenium, some exotic mushrooms taste like steak but have a lot less fat and calories.

Darkness at noon
When the sun shines, protect your skin with a dark shirt. Dark-colored clothing absorbs UV light, protecting your skin better than light-colored clothing, which lets light through. You may feel a little warmer in a darker shirt when the temperature soars, but sun protection is more important.

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