The V-Sit stunt: For practice and performance

The V-Sit is great for perfecting basic techniques and increasing the comfort level among teammates.
The V-Sit is a great stunt for perfecting basic stunting techniques and increasing the comfort level among teammates. Elements such as timing, control and body awareness are all necessary and can be practiced for use in more advanced stunts down the road. The V-Sit is also a very visual stunt with height and movement, making it great for performing.

Requirements: Four people -- three bases and one flyer. However, for any age (and specifically the younger athletes), a safety precaution is to have an additional spotter behind the stunt.

The V-Sit

Bases: All three bases will squat down. The two bases will each grab a standing leg of the flyer, and one base will place her hands on the rear end of the flyer. The two bases holding the legs will face slightly at an angle towards each other. They will then take their inside hands and place it on the back of the flyer's thigh, and their other hand will be placed on the back of the flyer's calf.

Flyer: When everyone is in place, the flyer will jump up as high as she is able.

Bases: As the flyer jumps, the bases should extend their arms and stand up. The bases' arms should be extended straight above their heads, and their elbows must be locked out.

Flyer: The flyer will basically be sitting on the hands of her bases. Her legs should be spread slightly in a V formation, and she should hit a High V.


Flyer: The flyer will bring her legs together.

Bases: Once the flyer's legs are together, the bases will lower her down to the ground in a standing position.

When to use this stunt

This is a great stunt to perform in routines during pre-game or half-time. The visual elements make it useful during music performances. You can always build other stunts around the V-Sit or touching the V-Sit for extra creativity and visual affects.

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