Taking antibiotics? Cut back your running

A class of antiobiotics can increase your injury risk, according to a number of studies. Called fluoroquinolones, the drug is often used to treat upper respiratory, intestinal, and urinary tract infections. And new research has linked these drugs with an increased risk of tendon damage. So if you are taking antibiotics, either cut back your training or ask your doctor to prescribe a different type.

Low-fat breakfast breads
What's the difference between a bagel or cinnamon raisin bread on one hand, and a croissant or pastry on the other? The second two will give you about 10 to 15 more grams of fat.

Rice stops the runs
Next time you've got the stomach flu, try eating a large bowl of rice and downing a sports drink. The sports drink will help replenish electrolytes and fluids. The rice, according to new research, encourages your intestine to stop secreting the fluid that triggers your diarrhea.

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