Study: Local fitness trails get people off the couch

If you want to do your part to get your neighbors off their couches, build a fitness trail. When communities built fitness trails, more local residents walked, ran, or hiked regularly, according to a Saint Louis University study. It costs between $2,000 and $4,000 to build a trail, say the researchers, and local public and private agencies are often willing to lend a hand.

Women: Calcium and a low-fat diet
Women on low-fat diets are less able to absorb calcium than women who consume higher amounts of fat, according to a study done with subjects recruited from the Women's Healthy Lifestyle Project. Although research is still ongoing, the study's authors suggest that fat in the diet slows bowel transit time, allowing the calcium a longer time to be absorbed through the intestine.

Psychological benefits of exercise
Both stretching/toning exercises and aerobic exercises effectively increase older adults' self-esteem, according to research at the University of Illinois that studied adults over 60. The researchers also noted that gains in self-esteem diminished as exercise participation dropped. They concluded that incentives, including newsletters, telephone calls and "buddy groups" should be used to encourage older Americans to keep exercising.

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