Strengthen your quads at your desk

The quadriceps muscles (the front of the thigh) are essential for lifting your legs off the ground, and for protecting your knees against pounding. To strengthen your quads, there is a simple isotonic exercise you can do seated at your desk: Put one ankle over the other, then lift and straighten the lower leg 10 times. Do several sets with both legs. (You should feel the burn above the knee.)

Olympics: Weather for the Women's Marathon Trials
With snow now blanketing Columbia, S.C, what kind of weather can the runners look for a month from today? The mean temperature for Feb. 26 for the past 60 years is 52 degrees. Runners should expect the mid-40s to upper 50s, although there have been highs to 85 and lows to 16 degrees. The chance of rain is 26 percent, and the humidity should range from 49 percent to 81 percent.

When you get tired, focus on form
When you're feeling tired in the middle of a long run or race, concentrate on your form and pace. Ask yourself: "How is my stride? My knee lift? Am I going too fast?" Running with good form helps delay the onset of fatigue, and giving full attention to the present moment can be energizing.

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