Smooth out your pedal stroke

On your next ride, focus on one leg at a time for 15 minutes each and try to pedal through as much of the stroke as possible. Then stop, forget about it and have fun. Do this a couple times a week and your stroke will smooth out in less than a month.

Singletrack tips
When racing on singletrack, you may ask politely if the gentleman in front of you yield or give way to your superior speed and skill. He may, however, politely refuse. If you wish to proceed, you must learn to force pass. How can you learn this? Practice with a friend of equal or greater skill. Have him or her ride at full-throttle. Then, you do the same. Try to pass. Have your friend try to stop you. Do not throw elbows, but be aware that physical contact may occur. If you continue to play this game and it is a fun one you will never again be forced to watch someone elses butt on the course if that isnt your wish.

If you dont want somebody to pass you during a race, dont let them. On singletrack, you own whats in front of you and around you. If keeping the pack slow is part of your strategy, stick to it. But if youre just being a jackass, give everybody a break and pull over.

Miss a digest?

Use youre your strong led and upper body

Keep your eyes up ahead

Manipulate your bodyweight

Hang butt

New scenery is good for the psyche

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