Relieve neck and shoulder pain as you run

Cramping or aching of the muscles in the neck and shoulders during running can be caused by poor form or by tension. For relief, drop your shoulders and "shake out" your arms. Or put your hands on top of your head and stretch your elbows backward for 15 seconds. Then circle your arms in a windmill motion to reduce the tightness in your shoulders. Both these exercises can be performed while you run.

Training tip: Loosen those laces
Pain and tenderness on the top of the foot during running can have a number of causes. Quite often it's due to a high-arched foot, which causes the top of the foot to rub against the shoe. Loosening the laces will help, as will placing foam padding under the tongue of your shoe.

Sports drinks beat water for endurance
A group of runners lasted 14 minutes longer on a treadmill run to exhaustion after drinking sports drink, compared to when they drank water. The rule: Take in 5 to 12 ounces after every 15 to 20 minutes of running.

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