Regain your desire to run after a marathon

Credit: Stu Forster/Allsport
A marathon can be very taxing on one's emotions and mental energy, and it can leave you flat for some time afterward.

Many of us say we're not ready to run another marathon until we can forget our last one! The following should help you recapture your desire to run.

First, refuse to measure your self-worth as a runner by the way you feel now. Sure, these days you're feeling physically and mentally tired. In time, however, you'll get that old feeling back, and you'll realize once again how much running means to you.

Second, listen to your intuition and don't force yourself to run. Instead, take time off and hike, swim, bike or walk. These activities will help you maintain your aerobic conditioning, and they're fun.

Third, when you get the urge to run again, remember that moderation and balance fuel motivation. Start back gradually. Change where and when you run, vary your pace and take occasional days off if you feel flat.

Fourth, realize that this period is a good opportunity for you to re-examine your training, diet and mental preparation. Take some time to determine what needs to be changed.

Finally, for now, focus on what you gained from your marathon. Congratulate yourself for achieving such a feat. You should feel fortunate because you are healthy, strong and part of a select group who can run 26.2 miles.

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