Radkewich and Bolton join Kemper on mens Olympic tri team

Hunter Kemper  Credit: U.S.A. Triathlon
Hunter Kemper won the U.S.A. Triathlon mens Olympic team trials on May 28 in Dallas, Texas. But since he had already secured a spot on the Olympic team due to his finish April 16 at the ITU Wold Cup in Sydney, the real story was in the battle for the remaining two slots on the Olympic team.

Olympic Triathlon Trials: women's race

Nick Radkewich and Ryan Bolton, the second and third Americans to cross the finish line, both earned a trip to Sydney for triathlons debut in the Summer Games. Nick Radkewich placed fourth overall at 1:51:39 behind Chris Hill of Australia and Gilberto Gonzalez of Venezuela.

Ryan Bolton, the third American finisher, placed fifth overall with a time of 1:52:33. Victor Plata placed sixth overall in 1:53:39 and will be an alternate to the team.

Conditions were hot and humid, similar to the womens race the previous day. Doug Friman, who had a world ranking of 124 coming into the race, lead the swim in Lake Carolyn, which was so warm that wetsuits werent needed.

He was followed closely out of the water by Hill, Kemper and Radkewich. Along with Levi Maxwell of Australia, they worked well together to build a one-minute lead on the rest of the pack.

By the third lap, the chase group had grown from an original nine to 14 and became disorganized, letting the lead group establish a solid two minute lead by the end of the fifth lap on the bike course.

Kemper was the first one out of T2, and pulled away from Hill on the third lap of the run course for his first place finish. Gonzalez, who was in seventh at the end of the bike, had an amazing run of 32:11 to finish third.

Radkewich lost some time in T2, but ran steadily to secure his spot on the Olympic team. He later said that he felt well rested for the race, and that it had made a difference for his performance.

Bolton, considered one of the fastest men in triathlon, used his speed to pass Friman, and posted the second fastest run split of the day at 33:28. Friman, who has handing on by a thread and hoping he wouldnt collapse like Barb Lindquist had done the previous day, finished eighth overall and will be the second alternate to the team.

USA Triathlon Men's Olympic Team Trials, May 28, Dallas
1.5k swim, 40k bike, 10k run

1. Hunter Kemper (Longwood, Fla.) 1:50:54
2. Chris Hill (Australia) 1:51:14
3. Gilberto Gonzalez (Venezuela) 1:51:21
4. Nick Radkewich (Hudson, Ohio), 1:51:39
5. Ryan Bolton (Gillette, Wyo.) 1:52:33
6. Victor Plata (San Luis Obispo, Calif.) 1:53:20
7. Levi Maxwell (Australia) 1:53:33
8. Douglas Friman (Tucson, Ariz.) 1:53:38
9. Tony DeBoom (Boulder, Colo.) 1:53:57
10. Andrew Kelsey (Cupertino, Calif.) 1:54:40
11. Marcel Vifian (Boulder, Colo.) 1:54:45
12. Wes Hobson (Boulder, Colo.) 1:55:07
13. Joe Umphenour (Bellevue, Wash.) 1:55:50
14. Alec Rukosuev (Russia) 1:57:39
15. Josh Dapice (Concord, Mass.) 1:58:22
16. Carlos Probert (Mexico) 2:00:56

Tim Don (Great Britain)
Mark Lees (Australia)
Abe Rogers (Burlington, Vt.)
Miles Stewart (Australia)
Michael Smedley (Buchanan, Mich)

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