Proper saddle position equals power and efficiency

Saddle position is not for adjusting your reach to the handlebar thats why stems come with different extensions. Its to find the position with the best mix of power and efficiency. When seated comfortably with crankarms horizontal, a plumb line dropped from the bump just below your forward kneecap should bisect the pedal axle.

Slide the saddle to achieve this. Riders who specialize in climbing sometimes put their saddles farther forward so they can sit on the comfortable part of the seat rather than the narrow nose when hunched over the bar. A bike set up this way should have a correspondingly longer stem to avoid a cramped upper body.

Consumer tip
Dont buy a messenger bag or backpack unless theres a tab on the back for mounting a flasher. Otherwise you wont be able to position a light so itll be seen from behind.

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