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Pop a wheelie
Start on a smooth, paved road with a slight incline. Put your saddle about halfway down, so your center of gravity is lower. It's best not to have clipless pedals, so you can dismount easily.

I recommend a medium gear — say, the middle ring and one of the bigger cogs in back. To get the wheel up initially, have one pedal forward at 11 o'clock, pull yourself forward over the bar, and at the same time, pedal hard and pull up on the bar.

Now you're up! It's like riding in a rocking chair. Lean back and get comfortable. Always have a finger on the rear brake. This way, if you're in a wheelie and feel like you're going to fall over backward, just pull on the rear brake and you'll come back down.

Conversely, if the front wheel starts to come down, just pedal harder to elevate it. The most important thing is to put a lot of trust in the rear brake — that's how you control your speed and your balance.

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