Jaws 5: Sharks in Sydney?

In a move that resembles a Jonny Quest adventure, Olympic organizers have chosen to enlist the help of a scuba diving team riding underwater scooters to scare off curious sharks during the running the Olympic triathlon in Sydney Harbor on Sept. 16 and 17.

In addition, organizers also will use the high-tech dive team during the April 16 Sydney world cup race.

The decision comes after sharks attacked a surfer in New South Wales and bit the oars of a rower in a river near Sydney this March.

The incidents sparked concern from international triathletes who will take to the waters of Sydney Harbor during the 1.5K swimming leg of the Olympic Triathlon.

The scuba diving team will shadow swimmers with underwater sonar devices that emit an electric field that acts as a sort of shark repellant.

Event directors for the race stress however, that this decision is more an effort to allay the fears of athletes than a move to prevent a likely attack.

According to event manager David Hansen, because Sydney Harbor lacks vegetation for fish, sharks are generally not attracted to the harbor.

Professor Benton Quest and Race Bannon could not be reached for comment.

Rack it

A new bike racking system will also be tested out during the April 16 race.

Rather than the historically troublesome rows of steel that competitors rack their bikes on, the new racking system consists of individual units that racers shove their wheels into, standing the bike upright.

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