How fast will you get out of shape? Depends on your fitness level

Elite athletes experience the greatest drop in aerobic capacity during the first three weeks away from training; after that, the decline in their conditioning is relatively slow. In contrast, recreational athletes with less aerobic fitness decline very little during the first three weeks of inactivity, but then they may lose all their conditioning within one or two months.

Cooking some veggies releases more iron
Cooking certain vegetables increases the amount of iron you can absorb from them, according to research done by food scientists affiliated with Rutgers University in New Brunswick, N.J. Iron is stored by plants as part of the compound ferritin, which releases the iron when it is heated.

Runners for office
Sebastian Coe, former two-time Olympic gold medalist in the 1,500 meters (1980 and 1984) has been appointed to the British House of Lords. The new Lord Coe had formerly served in elected office to the House of Commons. Among America's running politicians, both George W. Bush and Al Gore have run marathons. Can the time be too far ahead when world leaders solve problems on a long run, the way we do?

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