High resistance low impact workout

The first time you try jogging or doing jumping jacks in the water, it feels like youre creating a lot of resistance.

After a while, though, you get used to the resistance and the exercises arent as difficult. Before succumbing to boredom and giving up water exercise altogether, try adding a few devices.

Strap a pair of cuffs to your ankles, grab a pair of hand buoys, and revitalize your old routine or start a new one.

You can use cuffs and hand buoys in shallow or deep water. In deep water, the cuffs allow you to use your hips and legs through a larger range of motion than in shallow water, but in shallow water you can do variations — rebound neutral and buoyant — of the same exercise.

In the rebound position, push off the bottom and jump out of the water. In the neutral position, submerge your shoulders and touch the bottom lightly, pushing your legs through the water forcefully. In the buoyant position, dont touch the bottom at all and work on maintaining your balance and alignment by contracting your abdominal muscles to stabilize your torso.

No matter how you use the props, youll get a challenging and complete body workout that will rekindle your enthusiasm for water exercise.

Touch your cuffs
Stand in neck-deep water with your feet shoulder-width apart. Hold the buoys at your sides. Keeping your waist straight bend your knee and lift your heel toward the inner thigh of your opposite leg. As you lift your leg, reach down and touch the cuff on your leg. As you return your leg and arm to the starting position, repeat with your opposite arm and leg.

Go cross country
Stand in neck-deep water with your feet shoulder-width apart. Raise your arms so the buoys rest on the surface, even with your shoulders. Your elbows should be out behind you. Swing your left leg forward while pushing the right buoy straight in front of you, across the surface. Repeat with the right leg and left buoy.

Kick like a Cossack
Stand in neck-deep water with your feet shoulder-width apart. Raise the buoys to your chest so your knuckles face each other and your elbows stick out to the side, parallel to the surface. Lift and bend both knees so your heels almost meet under your buttocks. Straighten your legs out to either side then bend and straighten them in unison several times.

Rock your horse
Stand in neck-deep water with your feet shoulder-width apart and your knees slightly bent. Hold the buoys at shoulder level. Pick up one foot and lean back on the opposite foot as you pull the buoys toward you. Then push off your back foot and throw your front foot and push the buoys away from you. Rock back and forth several times before repeating with your opposite leg in front.

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