Her Story: Laura Gosser, mom on the move

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Laura Gosser
Dallas, Texas

Age: 39

Sports: Triathlon, running, rock climbing, hiking, kickboxing, volleyball

Profession: Mom

How I got started in sports: I was always athletic in high school and college, playing basketball, volleyball and soccer. After having children, I started running 5ks, which eventually led to marathons and later triathlons.

Favorite spot to be active: The Castle Hills in my neighborhood.

Life/sport philosophy: Eat right, get off the couch and start moving.

Athletic highlights: In 2005, I completed the Texas Marathon, White Rock Half Marathon, Texas Half Marathon, Stone Bridge Ranch Triathlon and Iron Head Dallas Triathlon.

Athletic goals: Im currently training for a half Ironman and would like to do the full Ironman in Hawaii one day.

Favorite fuel: Pre-race meal: raw spinach leaves with blue cheese, walnuts and chicken. During a race: bananas and oatmeal.

Favorite indulgence: Pizza and Godiva chocolate

When I'm not running, cycling or swimming, I'm: Spending time with my husband, Jerry, and our three beautiful children, Hayley, 7, and twins Grant and Hannah, 9.

Other interesting facts: Im a cheerleading and a basketball coach for first grade girls. I play volleyball twice a week with other moms.

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