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Many corporations are jumping at the chance to promote teamwork, health and wellness to their employees.
The P.F. Chang's Rock 'n' Roll Arizona Marathon & Half Marathon on January 14, 2007 is offering a new and exciting way for corporate employees to get fit, have fun and build camaraderie both inside and outside the office.

Presenting the Get Fit Challenge, a corporate-focused challenge designed to inspire co-workers to form teams and reach goals together, whether it be for professional reasons, personal reasons or both. Numerous companies are reaping the rewards and sharing their inspirational stories behind the Challenge.

P.F. Chang's China Bistro, the title sponsor of the event, has encouraged their employees to participate in the marathon and half marathon since the inaugural year. Inspired by the P.F. Chang's Team, so easy to identify in their signature orange hats, an official Challenge was created inviting corporations from across the country to participate in the Arizona event.

Many corporations are jumping at the chance to promote teamwork, health and wellness to their employees. Among the participating corporations, Ewing Irrigation, Golf & Industrial and Honeywell have found the Get Fit Challenge to greatly strengthen corporate camaraderie and overall wellness among employees who participate.

Douglas W. York, President of Ewing, lends, "As a national organization, Team Ewing's participation in the P.F. Chang's Rock 'n' Roll Arizona Marathon & Half Marathon has helped foster a real tight-knit sense of community and partnership as we train together throughout the year. Our involvement in this event has been instrumental in enhancing employee camaraderie and promoting fitness, proper nutrition, personal growth and maintaining a healthy, balanced lifestyle."

Not only does each team run/walk together on race day, but they also train together in the months leading up to the big day. Honeywell has put together an informative and inspirational email plan to help motivate their employees throughout their training program. David Bluestein, of Honeywell, sends out global emails each week to his employees in order to "educate, motivate and inspire participants to keep up with the training."

Inspiration and education are important methods used by team leaders to keep participants excited and healthy throughout their training. David Bluestein adds, "We encourage them to visit some of the better running stores to buy new shoes and water bottle systems. We cover what is important about running clothes. And included in each email are weekly running schedules for both the full and half marathon."

Honeywell also holds monthly running seminars and offers group runs early in the mornings before work and in the afternoons. They will bring their national participants together for the first time to train as a group one week before the annual SRP Kick-Off Party, held in Phoenix, AZ on September 28th.

Employee participant feedback has been extremely positive. And corporate heads are noticing the support and inspiration team members are experiencing as a result of the program. One Honeywell participant exclaims, "Thanks so much for providing this training for us! I can't wait to meet the other runners, and I am glad you help support a healthy lifestyle." Another reveals, "I haven't been running as often as I like -- well, I haven't run in 5 years! This is the motivation I needed to get me going again."

While the Get Fit Challenge was just launched this August, a handful of corporations have participated in the race for the last 3 years, and team organizers say that employee enthusiasm and overall interest in the event continues to grow each year.

Douglas W. York of Ewing offers, "Our participation rate, including both Team Ewing racers and support staff, has increased every year since we first encouraged company involvement in the marathon and half marathon three years ago; this year we're hoping to have over 150 runners participating from all over the U.S."

The Get Fit Challenge unites corporations throughout the country for the event held in January. The relationships these businesses develop during their experience in Arizona persist throughout the year.

Douglas W. York continues, "Participating in the marathon and half marathon has allowed us to deepen relationships with key vendors who have joined in the event with us." Thus proving that the P.F. Chang's Rock 'n' Roll Arizona event fosters both friendship and camaraderie within the workplace, as well as networking and business development outside the office.

Of course health benefits come with training for and completing a marathon or half marathon, but completing such a great feat also brings an overwhelming sense of accomplishment and fulfillment to the participant's lives.

Some people participate to get closer to their co-workers, some to lose weight, some to build new friendships, some to keep a memory alive. But no matter what motivates them to make the commitment to finish this race, every participant is sure to gain an unforgettable life experience in doing so.

"The event has given us something to be proud of, and something to celebrate together as we share in the victory of having accomplished such an incredible feat as a Team, as well as huge and in many cases, life-altering personal achievements." - Douglas W. York, President, Ewing Irrigation, Golf and Industrial

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