Whether you're a cyclist or triathlete, coach of a Little League or junior football team, or parent of an active family, you'll want the security of knowing you can take care of yourself or your charges in the event of injury or accident.

Fyrst USA Sport Medical Kits and Supplies has created a top-notch portable medical kit designed for use by amateur organizations, teams and individuals.

The Sport Medical Kit (12"x9"x7", 7 lbs) is carried in a soft padded cordura nylon bag with shoulder strap, heavy duty zipper, cold-pack holder with Velcro, waterproof bottom, and cell-phone phone compartment.

It contains a generous supply of the most needed sport first aid items, as suggested by the Princeton University Athletic Trainer and the Arco Olympic Sports Medicine Department.

Each Sport Medical Kit includes:

  • 1 Reusable ice bag (9")
  • 4 Instant cold packs (6"x 8")
  • 1 Cold pack holder (6"x30")
  • 1 Blister kit (with 2nd Skin)
  • 20 Bandages (1"x3")
  • 6 Large bandages (2"x4.5")
  • 1 Elastic wrap (3"x5")
  • 1 Scissors
  • 10 Blood-Off cloth towelettes (removes blood instantly from uniforms or clothing)
  • 20 Latex-free gloves
  • 1 Eye wash (4oz)
  • 2 Rolls athletic tape (1.5"x15 yards)
  • 1 Roll pre-wrap (2.75"x30 yards)
  • 20 Antimicrobial skin wipes (for blood-borne pathogen care)
  • 1 Sport Wound Care Kit (includes: gauze, PVC swab, non-adherent pad, latex gloves, tape, hand towelette & disposal bag)

    The Sport Medical Kit is designed for any amateur coach or athlete to use. It is used for the full range of amateur sports and can be made more sport-specific by adding supplemental items listed on the order form at the Fyrst USA Web site. The site also includes more detailed descriptions of the items in the kit.

    For a more streamlined kit, Fyrst USA also offers the Mini Med Kit (10"x6"x4", 3lbs.) is a start-up sport first aid system containing a streamlined quantity of the most needed sport first aid items.

    It is constructed with the same material, heavy duty zippers and shoulder straps as the larger Sport Medical Kit. You can also upgrade or tailor the Mini Med Kit to be more sport-specific by choosing from among the resupply items on the Fyrst USA Web site.

    The Mini Med Kit contents include:

  • 3 Instant cold packs (6"x 8")
  • 10 Bandages (1"x3")
  • 2 Large bandages (2"x4.5")
  • 1 Elastic wrap (3"x5")
  • 6 Antimicrobial skin wipes
  • 2 Blood-Off Cloth Towelettes
  • 1 Rolls athletic tape (1.5"x15 yards)
  • 1 Sport Wound Care Kits (includes gauze, PVC swab, non-adherent pad, latex gloves, tape, hand towelette & disposal bag)

    Both the Sport Medical Kit and Mini Med Kits are easily ordered and resupplied using the Fyrst USA Rapid Resupply System at www.fyrstusa.com or by calling (800) 782-1355.

    Fyrst USA will resupply items individually or by the case, and deliver them to your address.

    Sport Medical Kit suggested retail: $125

    Mini Med Kit suggested retail: $36

    For more information, visit www.fyrstusa.com.

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