6 Options to Hike New England This Summer

6 Options to Hike New England This Summer

After a long winter freeze, New England finally wakes up. The earth comes alive with lush flora and fauna, winter ski areas become green...it's time for a good long hike or fun nature walk with the fam.

Mount Adams

White Mountains, Randolph, New Hampshire

Part of the Appalachian Trail, the 4.3-mile hike to this 4000-foot summit and back is challenging and fullfilling. Take about seven hours to travel all 8.6 miles out and back.

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Cutler Coast Preserve

Cutler, Maine

This easy to moderate hike along ocean views, cliffs and bogs takes you through a 5.8-mile loop on Maine's Bold Coast. It's almost an hour from Acadia, the nearest camping spot, but the distance is worth the scenic drive.

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Killington Peak

Mendon, Vermont

"Vermont" literally means "green mountain." Hike 7 miles to the 4000-foot summit and back. With panoramic views of the Green Mountains, this wintertime ski area provides your summertime hike with scenic trails, a lodge and beautiful brook.

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Lime Rock Preseve Pond

Lincoln, Rhode Island

This is an easy, 2-mile nature hike with lush, wooded footpaths. Unique flora and fauna, and unusual stone formations will tickle the geologist and botonist in you.

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Vaughan Woods State Park

South Berwick, Maine

This is another easy hike with only a 200-foot elevation gain. Enjoy the 250-acre forested tract along the scenic Salmon Falls River, breathe in the scent of pine and soft soil.

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Wachusett Mountain State Reservation

Westminster, Masachussets

It's a moderate hike, but with the possibility of a day-long 20-mile hike through what is, in the winter, Wachusett Mountain Ski Area.

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