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The Renaissance Child - Memorial Baptist Church

Monday, July 1, 2019 - Friday, July 5, 2019
Memorial Baptist Church 3455 North Glebe Road ArlingtonVA  22207
Monday, July 1, 2019 - Friday, July 5, 2019
Memorial Baptist Church 3455 North Glebe Road ArlingtonVA  22207

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What's Included

ROLLERCOASTER & MINECRAFT ENGINEERING - DESIGN AND BUILD YOUR DREAM COASTER AND MINECART RIDE - HANDS-ON CONSTRUCTION AND & VIDEO DESIGN GRADES 3RD THROUGH 8TH Who doesn't love roller coasters and amusement parks? Some of the most thrilling rides in any amusement park are the rollercoasters. In this exciting camp we will learn about science and engineering. Campers will learn about the physics of roller coasters while exploring kinetic and potential energy, and centripetal force. At camp you’ll build and test, physical and “virtual” roller coaster models. Using various computer programs, including Minecraft, you will create virtual roller coasters in MInecraft, build scale models of famous rollercoasters with K’NEX CONSTRUCTION ELEMENTS and experience the thrill of the turns, loops and drops! Design Your Minecart Ride- Use your Imagination and surprise your passengers this summer! The Greatest Minecart Rides can be designed by you. No boring rides for our campers!. Think of your ride as a showcase for how clever you can be, rather than how many twists or turns you can make, or how many times you can show the same room or landscape from a different angle. Campers will use their imaginations to design a rollercoaster in Minecraft and a Minecart Ride like no other! Remember, for the duration of the ride, your passenger is a captive audience; they have to look at what you show them. Take advantage of that! Your minecart ride will be almost like a short video... it can tell a story, evoke an emotion through atmosphere, or even use music. So, unleash your creativity, but leave everything that you've learned from real-life roller coasters behind and take a stab at our newest redstone competition on roller coaster rides! Rollercoasters Design and Minecraft - a perfect blend of engineering fun and learning to engage and excite our curious campers! Don't miss it this summer!

About This Organizer


Renaissance offers an 8-week summer camp program, which typically begins in the middle of June, for children ages four and a half to eleven years old.  The camp curriculum has been developed to encompass a wide variety of activities suited to each age group’s maturity and interestsCampers can participate from one to eight weeks as long as space is available. We offer half and full day camps in most locations.


Lego Robotics/Scratch Programming/Technology/American Girl

Combine 2 Camps in One Week/Custom Design Your Own Camp

Dynamic camps mixed with detailed instruction and inventive building strikes a fun balance between creativity and structure. Let your child experience the new Robotics program designed by Lego Education (not available in stores).  Summers inspire your child’s creative thinking and curiosity with fun and STEM educational science and engineering projects that help to develop critical thinking and problem-solving using an award-winning computer based program and Lego models. We add sun and fun in the park or playground as well as the best-trained Lego coaches to help make the full day complete! Spaces are limited!

Half and Full Day Camps

The Camps Your Child Will Never Forget!

Lego Jrs. ages 41/2 and 5

Lego Robotics ages 5 to 10

Lego/Scratch 2nd-6th grade

American Girl K-6th grade

Camps Offered in Summer 2015:



  1. Lego Action Jrs. – for the younger group of builders who are starting to build and can complete simple projects either by following instructions or by constructing their own creations using their own creativity.

  2. Lego Robotics- for campers who want to take their love of Lego’s to the next level. Campers build as many as 20 models or more and then program their models on a laptop to move and make noises. Campers can move on to learn to construct robots of their own design and program them. Campers have a choice of building from hundreds of sets too, playing Lego Games or free building and construction.

  3.  Lego Robotics/Scratch- for campers that love to build with Lego’s and would love to use a fun programming environment called Scratch to make animations and games. No prior experience is necessary. Campers also experienced with Scratch are included in this camp since both Lego’s and Scratch are both very open-ended projects. Our staff works with every camper to take him/her to the next level no matter what his/ her beginning point may be.

  4. American Girl – for the girl that loves American Girl books and dolls. Campers bring their dolls. However, we do much more than play with dolls. Sewing, art, jewelry making, fashion design and singing, dance and writing are just some of the activities.

    • Session Sibling Discount: 05% sibling discount when more than one family member is enrolled in the same session.
    • Multiple session discounts: $25
    for each session after the 1st session attended. (First session is at full price)All discounts apply to the full payment, NOT to the registration deposit.

    Early Bird Discount: All Camps are offered for a $25 discount until February 28th.

    BEFORE CARE & AFTER CARE are available for an extra charge.

    Before care 8:30 to 9:00 $30 per week            After care 4:00 to 5:30 $60 per week

    Registration deposits are not refundable. Your deposit of $100 per camper per session is deducted from the tuition. Tuition includes all supplies. Extra cost activity options must be paid at registration along with the deposit. All tuition fees must be paid in full by the date that is specified in your email confirmation.





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  • The Renaissance Child

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Memorial Baptist Church 3455 North Glebe Road ArlingtonVA  22207
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