August 22, 2015

Virtual Mustache 5k

August 22, 2015 ANYWHERE ANYWHEREMO  64784 View Map Organized by Cross Country Missions

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About this event

August 22, 2015
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This is a fun virtual race to raise funds to start a kids summer camp in Southwest MO. Read the F.A.Q section to understand how the event and prizes work.

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1. What does the race fee go to?

Part of the race fee covers the cost of the medal, shipping, marketing, and employee time. The rest of the fee goes to the charity!

2. Where can I run my race?

We recommend you chose a local race of similar distance, but this is not required. The great thing about a virtual race is you can run anywhere at any time, however, make sure to follow all traffic laws, wear visible running clothes, drink water, and notify someone that you will be out running. Great places to run are parks, residential areas with sidewalks, etc. 

3. Do I need to provide proof of my run?

We do not require proof of your run, we use the honor system. However, if you want a chance to win one of the awards for collest routes you will need to provide a picture/screenshot of the race route you ran.

4. I don't own a GPS watch, how do I know how far I have ran?

If you have a smart phone there are loads of running apps for free, MapMyRun is a great one. Or if you don't have either, see if someone can let you borrow their phone or watch. A great way to determine this is driving the desired route in your car and make note of the distance on your dash. 

5. How do I submit my race route for a chance to win prizes?

You can post the photo on our facebook wall or reply to your registration email.

6. How is the race route competition judged?

When the event is finished we will post all routes that were turned in on our Facebook for voting by the public. 

7. When will I receive my medal?

Medals will be mailed the week following the event date. 

8. Why is their no shirt?

In order to send as much of the race fee to the charity as possible we don't offer shirts at this time. 

9. What if I'm not fast?

Doesn't Matter! This race is all about having fun.

10. What if I can't run the entire distance?

Doesn't Matter! As long as you complete the distance with a combination of running/walking it counts!

ANYWHERE ANYWHEREMO  64784 Get Directions

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