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Next Level Riding Clinics

Friday, January 13, 2017
Next Level Riding Clinics 413 Greys River Road AlpineWY  83128
Friday, January 13, 2017
Next Level Riding Clinics 413 Greys River Road AlpineWY  83128

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What's Included

This is a Level 1 riding clinic. This clinic is designed to take inexperienced mountain riders and transform them into more confident, more equipped, and more aware snowmobilers. The instructors at Next Level Riding Clinics will teach riders about riding in mountainous terrain, avalanche gear, sled set up, and basic mountain riding fundamentals. Avalanche training and a walk through beacon recovery will be a major part of the Level 1 clinic. Through various drills, closed course gated exercises, and hands on training, riders who complete the 2 day clinic will be left with a new skill level that will keep them coming back for more challenging snowmobiling! Are you a Level 1 Rider? A level 1 rider although experienced on trails, lacks confidence and technique in off-trail, deep snow mountainous terrain. Is able to navigate some terrain while maintaining a neutral position, but is uncomfortable in off camber deep snow situations. Although familiar or has the understanding of counter steering and opposite foot forward riding, a level 1 rider is not able to consistently apply the technique while riding.

About This Organizer

Next Level Riding Clinics is a opportunitiy for riders to improve thier mountain riding skills. The clinics consist of various drills and closed course exercises that target the fundamentals of snowmobiling in mountainous terrain. Be prepared to be tested on avalanche safety and awareness as they are practiced and emphasized throughout the clinics. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced rider these clinics will help you reach your "NEXT LEVEL."

Join me, Dan Adams, Polaris Terrain Dominator, as we explore everything from deep powder filled meadows to steep technical terrain aboard the best mountain sleds in the industry. So if you are looking for the challenge of a lifetime, and have the desire to improve your skills, you are ready for Next Level Riding Clinics! Let’s Ride!

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Next Level Riding Clinics 413 Greys River Road AlpineWY  83128
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