Battle of Aiken - CrossFit Competition

Saturday, November 8, 2014
CrossFit Aiken 14 Enterprise Ave. Suite 100 AikenSC  29803
Saturday, November 8, 2014
CrossFit Aiken 14 Enterprise Ave. Suite 100 AikenSC  29803

About This Activity


Male and Female Teams of Two (no coed teams)

  • RX 
  • Scaled
  • Masters



1st Place RX Teams receive $320 cash

1st Place Scaled Teams receive $160 cash

1st Place Masters (40+) Teams receive $160 cash

Additional Prize Bag Swag for the top three finishers in each division:  (donated by our sponsors and vendors)

  • 321 Apparel
  • lululemon
  • Progenex
  • Pachyderm Sports Gear
  • SCRockDoc



Event #1 

Component A: 

L-Sit for time:  Each competitor will hold an L-Sit as long as possible.  When the timer starts, teammate A will hold his or her legs straight out for as long as possible with his or her hands on parallettes.  When the heels touch the plates beneath them, the hold is done, and the time will be recorded.  Teammate B will then perform the same task.   The two competitors times will then be added to establish their team’s score.  

  • RX competitors will hold their legs over two stacked 45 lb bumper plates.
  • Scaled/Masters competitors will hold their legs over one 45 lb bumper plate.  


Component B:

Clean and Jerk 1 Rep Max:  Immediately following the L-Sit, teammates will have 8 minutes to establish a Clean and Jerk one rep max for each teammate.  The two best successful lifts for each teammate will be added together to establish the team’s total score.  Bodyweight is factored into scoring on this event. 

Standards: http://youtu.be/wIfy22LIw3M

Event #2

As many reps as possible in 10 minutes:  When the workout begins, Teammate A will deadlift and hold a barbell, while teammate B does 5 deadlifts with another barbell.  Teammate A will then do 5 deadlifts while B holds the top of the deadlift.  Once both have done 5 deadlifts, Teammate A will clean the barbell and hold it in the front rack position while B does 5 hang squat cleans.  Teammate A then will do 5 hang squat cleans while B holds the front rack.  Once both have done 5 hang squat cleans, teammate A will put the bar overhead in any manner and hold it while teammate B does 5 shoulder to overhead. After B has completed 5 reps, he or she will hold it overhead while A does 5 shoulder to overhead.  Once both teammates have completed all the shoulder to overhead, they will return to the deadlifts for a new cycle.  The team’s total repetitions will be their score.  

  • Deadlifts must be touch and go. You cannot set it down. If either competitor drops the barbell, both teammates must run 100 meters, then resume the lifts.  (the video says 200m, but the run is only 100m)
  • For the Hang squat clean, you can hang power clean and then front squat the barbell.  
  • RX weight: 155/105
  • Scaled and masters: 115/75 

Standards: http://youtu.be/t8SWzIDpSjM

Event #3

As Many Reps As Possible in 10 Minutes:  

10 Pistols 

10 Burpees

10 Chest-to-Bar Pullups

Scaled and Masters:

10 Goblets Squats with a Kettlebell (53/35)

10 Burpees

10 Pull-ups (15 Pull-ups if you use a 1and1/8 inch thick band)

Teammates will alternate rounds. As soon as teammate A completes all 30 reps, teammate B will begin.  Once B has completed all 30 reps, A will begin the next round.  The team’s total repetitions will be their score.  

**PVC Pistols changed to regular pistols. Standard requirements: 5 each leg (completed in any order of your choosing: 5 on each, alternate, etc.), leg must be out in front, foot or leg cannot touch the ground, you can hold your foot, you cannot hold a KB or have plate weight under your foot.**

Standards: http://youtu.be/86rKf-uhFzc

Event #4

For Time(15 minute time cap):   

  60 Snatches(or Ground-to-Overhead)  

  1000 Meter Row

  400 Meter Run

  200 M Partner Fireman’s Carry(A carries B)

  200 M Partner Fireman’s Carry(B carries A)

When the workout begins, teammates will complete 60 snatches total (muscle, power, or full), alternating each rep, so both teammates must perform 30 snatches.  RX competitors must do snatches, but scaled competitors can do ground-to-overhead.  They will then row 1000 meters, switching at the 500 meter mark.  Teammates must row 500 meters each.  Once the row is complete, they will run 400 meters together.  Upon returning to the start line, teammate A will fireman’s carry their partner 200 meters.  Teammates will then switch, and teammate B will carry teammate A to the finish line.  The time is their score.  

  • RX Snatch Weight: 135/95
  • Scaled/Masters Ground-to-Overhead Weight: 115/75

Standards: http://youtu.be/LG_Rn5HismQ


Each volunteer will receive an event shirt for helping out at The Battle of Aiken CrossFit event. There are two volunteer shifts available:
AM Shift 6:30am – 12:00pm
PM Shift 11:30am – 5:00pm   
To secure your spot, please register for free on Active.com
Thank you for your help and participation.


Our hope is to bring awareness for health and fitness in the community through CrossFit Aiken’s CrossFit Competition, Battle of Aiken.

Looking to get involved? CrossFit Aiken has a sponsorship available to anyone interested. Your donation of $125.00 will result in your business logo being advertised on the event shirt, as well as a thank you banner displayed at the event (200+ people expected).

Event details and schedule

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Check In: 7:00am       

Start of first event: 8:00am

Our goal is to make this event as effiencet as possible - we hope that all teams will have finished competeing by 5pm. 

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CrossFit Aiken 14 Enterprise Ave. Suite 100 AikenSC  29803
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