3 Ways to Turn Off Electronics and Get Moving

Kids today use iPhones, iPads and even computers with ease prior to kindergarten. Many executives still struggle to figure out how to use all products.

A child can be taught their ABC's, colors and shapes, mathematics, even a new language while being entertained during times of eating, sleeping, traveling, watching television, listening to any gadget, even riding a stationary bike, the list goes on and on...

With the onset of technology reaching an all time high for our society, our future generations will be all too familiar with a push of a button to conduct daily tasks.

Admittedly, these modern day conveniences have their place in any parent's hectic day. We may use them to take a shower uninterrupted, prepare meals, work from home, again the list goes on and on. 

In order to be productive managing a household, we often turn to these tools of convenience to get things done in this incredibly fast pace, multitasking world. But as parents wishing to raise healthy, strong kids, we must remember to balance convenience with fresh air and good old fashion family time.

Does the shout out; "Red Rover, Red Rover, send Suzie right over" strike a nostalgic chord for you?  Remember the days of running home glowing of perspiration, a little dirt under the nails and shouting out, "Mom what's for dinner?" Ah...the energy you feel and the incredible health benefits that go along with it.

Let's encourage our children to get outside and develop their gross motor skills. So get ready, set and move.

Outdoor activities that move bodies and bond families:

Play Classic Games

Teach your kids games from your childhood that brought you happiness and laughter. Try a round of hide and seek, kick the can, the infamous noted above red rover-red rover, tag, etc. These hand me downs will provide exercise and give those little bodies a great workout.

Head to the Water

Why not go to the beach? Bring a football for a game of catch. Or test out your architecture skills and build a sand castle. Master your running and kicking skills with a game of soccer. Head for a walk on the beach and collect seashells. Plus, you're at the water-test out your swimming skills. There are endless activities you can do on the beach that keep you moving, build skills and are free. 

Create Your Own Obstacle Course

Enjoy a little healthy competition within the family in your backyard with an obstacle course. See who can run the fastest while balancing a book on their head or who can jump rope the farthest in a minute. PIck five to eight different activities and see who can complete them the fastest. Obstacle courses offer balance, speed and fun for the whole family. 

Whatever you do as a family to get moving, have fun laughing, reconnect with one another and make it a habit to take a break from technology. 

Fort Lauderdale Kids' Nutrition & Exercise Examiner Jennifer Rozman is a Health and Wellness Coach supporting and inspiring women struggling with stress and imbalance in their lives.

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