Coach Jenny Hadfield's Top Fall Gear Picks for 2011

Fall is the perfect time to run outdoors and take in the foliage.  As the temperatures begin to drop and the light hours fade away, it's important to be seen, run safely and layer optimally. Check out what's new in the fall gear guide.

M4RBR = Made for runners by runners

NATHAN VITAband (Available October 21, 2011)

It's a wrist band that multitasks on the run. The NATHAN VITAband is identification and cash – on your wrist. It delivers secure electronic health records for medical personnel to access and features a wireless prepaid contactless payment technology via a VISA Prepaid PayWave chip. It includes a fully updatable personal profile, secure Visa payment platform, and an emergency response profile including name, emergency contact, drug allergies, medical conditions, and insurance information.

Available in two sizes: Small and Large $20 [M4RBR]

Personal Savers – Lightweight and Convenient Pepper Spray

A product even McGyver would be proud of, Personal Savers are revolutionizing the way you protect yourself while enjoying your favorite activities.  There are three models: the Personal Saver that can be clipped onto your running belt, the Wrist Saver that can be worn while running, and the Cycle Saver that attaches to your handle bars. They offer a highly functional design with an easy-twist lock top, special holster for easy access, a powerful 10-foot spray, LED light, highly reflecting edging, I.D. card, and an LED light that enhances your visibility from as far as one mile away.  The pepper spray is extracted from cayenne peppers and creates an intense burning sensation on the eyes, skin and throat and can cause an attacker's senses to temporarily shut down and give you time to get away.

$12.95 [M4RBR],

APALS-AIR Adhesive LED Light Strips

All Purpose Adhesive Light Strips with Active Illumination Reflective Technology (APALS?-AIR), are micro-thin LED light strips that operate in three modes: fast strobe, slow strobe and steady on. They are lightweight and great for running, cycling, or even walking the dog. They can be seen from up to a 1/4 mile away and have a heavy duty adhesive back that can be placed anywhere, from the back of your running shoes to your jacket, helmet or hat. They can go the distance with an operation time from 35 to 70 hours.

$10 – two-pack,

Knuckle Lights

There's a new way to light your path and be seen on your next run in the dark. Knuckle Lights are designed to be worn on the front on your hands. This puts them in the perfect position to light the path in front of you on a run. The lights strap comfortably to your hands so you don't have to hold on and are fully adjustable for a custom fit. They move with the natural motion of your arms and put out a wide flood beam of light in all directions assuring a nice, even light versus a small spot on the ground like many headlights.

$39.99 [M4RBR],

FlashBrite Stick-On Reflective Patches

Founded by a mom to keep kids in sight, FlashBrite stick-on patches are made of 3M? Scotchlite? Reflective Material. They increase your visibility at night by reflecting light directly back to its source so you can be seen from 1,000 feet away. They are inexpensive, convenient to wear and come in a variety of fun shapes and themes.

$3.99 for a two-pack

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